About Me

avatarI began making art at nine years old, starting with anything I could get my hands on. Sometime in high school I made a linocut print, but in the intervening years I didn’t pick up a gouge, though I kept my tools since then. I went to California Institute of the Arts and obtained a BFA in Visual Communications. After that time, I left art and design for other pursuits, picking it up again only after hearing encouraging words from a college classmate.

Since then, I have dug in to linocut. I have learned from scratch how to make reduction prints, and have slowly improved my tools and skills. During this time, I have also rekindled my passion for graphic design, and am working steadily on print and web design. My husband takes care of the web development work, and together we are Copperplate Design.

I’m thankful to be able to make art. I remember that my time to make art is limited, and that prods me forward.